Sleepless night

Session one of (la babosa de mar)

Sleepless night

Session one of (la babosa de mar)

This week we started with Character creation so lets meet the cast

Rosh – (worrier) a harden Mercenary from the planet Chifeng . Dr. Melton – (expert) a clumsy scientist from the planet unknown Damien – ( Expert) Damien learned to work with a wrench from a young age. Showing a natural intuition for all things technological. Home world Bakassi Carlos Del Valle – (Expert) He is described as a hard worker, and a very curious individual. He has been said to be found doing research on his own outside of work. Home world Octlan Jonah Ryan – ( Expert) The bounty hunter /pilot Home world Sepulchre Chara Wolfenbach (Psychic) the youngest of the Fleet and the medic.Home world Spacer

The Group had all received a message inviting them to the Nora station in the Gateway system for a reading of a will of a Reco Otiz many of them had spent weeks or even months on a transport ship heading to the Gateway system now on the last leg of the trip only one day out all the cast is on the same ship. when the ship is pulled out of Drill space by a Pirates ship. The ship is boarded by the two Pirates and demand all the valuables but are met with resistant when than pirates decide they are going to take the lady passengers with them.

After defeating the pirates the transport return to it course to Gateway system once they arrive at Nora station they are met by a lawyer Daniel Volkovich. Daniel Volkovich greets all of them and for the first time the group realize that they all are coming here for the first time after an awkward moment they are lead to the lawyers offices where he reads them the will of Mr Otiz. The will states they all have received an equal share in the star ship la babosa de mar a Free Merchant ship the only condition is they must all work on the ship for a year if they leave they forfeit their shares to the remaining crew members . The ship s full fueled and has dock pay for two weeks. Daniel Volkovich brings them to the ship and gives them all the command code and every thing they need for ownership of the Star ship. The Group has the first meeting as new member of the crew of the la babosa de mar where they decide they are going to salvage the pirate ship that they encountered…

With some great piloting maneuvers they mange to acquire the ship a modified shuttle that was armed with a laser and a piece of Illegal tech ( the Interceptor net ) ..

The Crew decides they are going to strip the web and sell the shuttle one problem is they did not have league salvaging rights so Jonah Ryan calls upon an old friend Mr Chang who is a black market dealer here on Nora station Chang agrees to pay 38000 c for the shuttle once his tech looks it over.

This is where the session ended ..


Haakon Haakon

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